Fine grey lines.

This was something I struggled with starting with the first real person I dated. It didn’t start like this, but at some point with him, I lost all control.

I want to blame this on the people around me but I know that’s childish and unfair. and I can’t remember when exactly we were told to be the one that cares less in the relationship, but over the last few years, it’s been drilled pretty well into my head. I don’t know when we started making a big deal of double texting, or starting conversations. In my naivety, I’m going to assume he might actually be busy. and we should know by now, people like getting double texts, I definitely do. What I don’t know is at what point does that make a person creepy.

First, I followed the advice, about waiting 3 days and not texting twice in a row and crap, and I know that’s where it all went wrong. I was looking for ego boosts and attention and not conversation or company.

I know you can get blinded when you’re into someone, and can’t really see if they’re uninterested. Maybe you can, but it’s hard to accept it. I don’t mean to sound like a self-help blog, and I know it’s more than conceited to think there would be people actually listening to this advice.

But first hand experience, it’s easy to blur the line between self respect and ego, and I’ve done it one too many times. The person at the other end of the phone likes an ego boost just as much as you do, and you should give it to them occasionally, just like you should be getting them too. It’s easy when you know one person does all of the work, you’ll know when you wake up to blue ticks and no replies, and you should learn to walk away with dignity.

You should also know, they always come back.

So, delete the number and the thread if you have to, if you (are like me and) have little self-control. That leaves the ball entirely in your court, and he will come back.


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