I’ll push too deep,

and fall right back to you.

The first time we met, we smiled at the awkward introduction we were forced into. I think given a choice, we would’ve ignored each other all night. But thanks to the night rides and all that liquor, our relationship changed in about two hours. From someone I met for the first time, to someone I will always look for when I’m too drunk to stand.

The funniest thing was how we didn’t intimidate each other, at all. Doesn’t that usually happen? I thought you were too young and you probably thought I was stupid.

It all changed. We shed layers of skin we’ve grown over the years and I fell asleep in your arms and I remember you not feeling me next to you in the morning and pulling me closer.

I’ve met you once, and I might not ever again, but I miss you.

and from being strangers to over-sharing friends to some kind of fuck-buddies, I don’t know what we are now. We talk, and I know there’s hardly anything to talk about, and it’s just you telling me to be strong. I shouldn’t come to you for advice, but I know I am insanely jealous of the life you have and the people you are around. Maybe because I’m not a part of that, because you’re moving on and I’m not holding on or anything, but I’m taking time.

I’ve never seen two people this messy with what they want, and I know this is so wrong but screw someone who tells me we’re not right for each other.


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